Lecture on “Liquid Democracy” by Klaus Peukert (Piratenpartei)

January 23. 2013 / 16:00-17:30; Geb. 25.11 HS.5A

The recent electoral success of the Pirate Party in Germany might be partly explained by a growing demand for more political participation in democratic regimes. Citizens criticize the efficacy of representative democracy and claim more direct influence on political decision making processes.

Liquid democracy is a conceptual framework allowing for issue specific and temporary delegation of votes in political decision making. It thus combines elements form direct and representative democracy. All citizens might potentially participate directly in deliberation and decision about specific policies.

LiquidFeedback is a tool for liquid democracy that is currently developed. The goal is to use in the future  LiquidFeedback for large scale policy making.

Klaus Peukert is member of the Board of the Pirate Party in Germany and responsible for the development and use of LiquidFeedback. He will give an overview about basic principles of Liquid democracy and will show how these can be implemented in LiquidFeedback. Please note that the lecture will be given in German!

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