Cooperation Partners

As part of the proposed research group collaborations are planned with the following partners:

To identify determinants of online political participation, we are planning  to collaborate on experimental studies with the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford and the research project “The Internet, Political Science and Public Policy: Re-examining Collective Action, Governance and Citizen-Government Interactions in the Digital Era” led by Prof. Helen Margetts .

Another planned cooperation refers to the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) which approaches the creation of norms on and through the Internet from a variety of perspectives. It complements our approach that is focusing on explicit norm setting processes.

To discuss ideas on how to technically support the cooperation in norm setting processes – in particular in relation to deliberation – we joined the Policy Argumentation Network. This network of researchers and practitioners is supported by the EU project IMPACT that is concerned with the development of online tools to extract and visualise arguments within policy debates.

Together with Liquid Democracy e.V. our research group works on the development of adhocracy (more information).  This ensures that the results generated by the research group are directly translated into practice. At the same time, we gain access to a variety of norm setting projects in practice and associated data.

We have an ongoing cooperation agreement with the Cooperation and Commons Research Giessen.

Our cooperation with Zebralog GmbH & Co KG provides access both to practical implementations of online dialogues between citizens and administration, as well as additional expertise from professionals of online political participation.