At the norm setting project, we work with and contribute to Adhocracy, an open-source software for internet-mediated cooperative norm setting developed by the Liquid Democracy Association. While some of our contributions are specific to the research projects at hand, most of our contributions are generic and benefit all Adhocracy users.

Our past and current contributions cover a wide array of areas:

  • usability (such as improved login dialogs and simplification of the interface)
  • security (finding and fixing security vulnerabilities)
  • simplification of rights management
  • support for mobile devices
  • modules to analyse user behaviour
  • robustness enhancements or bug fixes.

Apart from programming, bug reporting, and testing, we also provide infrastructure to the Adhocracy project, namely Continuous Integration/Testing servers as well as package mirrors.

For us, Adhocracy is not just a tool we use. It also serves as a staging ground for our research, as a platform where we implement and evaluate insights into scalable internet-mediated cooperative norm setting as well as distributed and censorship-resistant applications.